Ooh, what a lovely pear!


Carry On/Sid James voice needed for this post title!

What is this weather like?? Howling gales and pouring rain yesterday (not fun when you work on the coast and have to walk about a mile to your car 😦 ) and then miserable, drizzly, grey skies today. Not good.

Last night was better though… I swam went round to my friend’s for dinner. She made fish pie with sweet potato on the top which was lovely but it was just nice to have a good catch-up as her daughter, the beautiful Jessica, is only two months old, so we don’t see each other that often. I had the chance to look after my god-daughter too, so a good evening all  round 🙂 .

But anyway, the pear in question…

Another friend has a pear tree in his garden and is generous, which leads me on to the cooking inspired by this week’s roasted vegetables… roasted fruit!

I cored and cut up a pear and an apple (also locally-grown) and put them into a baking dish with some cubed butternut squash (can’t seem to cook without it at the moment!)

I sprayed on cooking spray and roasted them at about 175C for 15-20 minutes. When they were nicely soft, I sprinkled over some brown sugar and turned the oven to the grill setting.

A few minutes later and the sugar had caramelised and was bubbling away…. I thought what I really needed to serve it with was custard but lacking any of that (or the motivation to make any) I used the next best thing, a Mullerlight banana and custard youghurt.

So nice! Kind of like apple crumble and custard, except without the crumble. And with added pear. And not really custard… 🙂

The flavours were really good together, especially with the caramelly topping… good thing I managed not to eat it all, I’m thinking tomorrow’s breakfast could involve topping the fruit with some toasted oats and ground nuts for a proper crumble…

And, on the subject of butternuts, have you ever seen anything like this?? I think my dad must not have noticed it… how he didn’t see one this size, I don’t know!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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2 Responses to Ooh, what a lovely pear!

  1. ugh, sick of the weather over here, too. Well, I guess not so much today and yesterday – but I know how you feel!! Hopefully it’s clearing up for you like it is for us 🙂
    That squash is crazy!! Have fun cutting into that guy 😉
    I love love love the pear-apple-butternut roast that you made. Looks fantastic!

    • Well I did just about manage to ride both days!
      I know, it’s mad but the bonus is, there’s so much more there than usual which means more for roasting, with fruit and veg! Thank you, it was amazing… might have to go and make some more… 🙂

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