Fresh from the farm (shop)

I was very interested when this arrived through my door the other day…


I’d seen some signs in the verge, as I pass this place every day on my way to and from work, so it was nice to see exactly what was coming. I saw signs of work in the shop, which is on its own almost in the middle of nowhere.

In my mind, nothing beats fresh, home-grown fruit and vegetables so I went round there yesterday, almost as soon as it opened 🙂

It sells locally-produced meat and cheese (which I wasn’t particularly interested in) and fruit and veg (which I definitely was). But it also has cereals, including gluten-free ones, organic chocolate, oils, fresh local apple juice, free-range eggs… the only problem I can see is that I could spend A LOT in there!

I contented myself with these, £1 for 250g – bargain!

And these… also a bargain at 20p

I’ve tried (and love) the apple Snapz crisps (especially the apple and strawberry) but was not impressed by these. But then although I don’t dislike beetroot, it’s fair to say that for our relationship to work, it’s going to involve effort on both sides. And the beetroot just ain’t trying hard enough 🙂

But the best thing was, I got talking to the lady and she said something about opening till 6pm, which is great for people like me, because she was used to 12-hour workdays. From that, I thought she might have an interesting story to tell… so I went back today and interviewed her for my paper!

It’s really interesting; she’d always been a personal injury/medical malpractice solicitor but because of an impending law change which means unscrupulous lawyers will profit at clients’ expense, she jacked it all in to open the shop – how brave is that?! She seems lovely and it’s always good to help support local farmers so I’m really glad I could help spread the word…

I may also have spent more of my hard-earned cash, on these bad boys…

But, well, it’s all about supporting those local farmers. I’m all heart, me! 😉

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5 Responses to Fresh from the farm (shop)

  1. that looks like a great little shop! i’m always willing to pay a little more when i know i’ll be supporting a local business or farm, too. it makes me feel better, too!

  2. Hm. As I head back to school to train for a legal career, I just smile when I read about things like this. Is it possible to lead a healthy life, keep one’s morals AND be a lawyer? I’ll soon find out!

    But I’m definitely with you on getting excited about local produce. I live near the 54th parallel in Canada, so it’s something we struggle with here: if we ate the 100 mile diet, our teeth would fall out from scurvy come winter, and our summer menu would be comprised of only the heartiest veg… but if “local” just means that I’m spending a bit more to eat CANADIAN garlic instead of CHINESE garlic, I’m thrilled! What a wonderful resource right close to home for you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Here’s a smiley because I can with WordPress! 😀

  3. Wow, that’s great; good luck with it! One of the lady’s last comments was “A lot of people think all lawyers are just in it for the money but some of us just want to help people” which I thought was lovely.
    Like journalists, lawyers get a lot of bad press, sadly! My dad’s one too and he’s all right, I suppose 🙂 (hooray for WordPress smilies!)
    I hadn’t thought of your situation, as in getting really local stuff would be just about impossible sometimes, but like you say, at least if it’s Canadian you know your farmers are going to benefit!

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