Squash up!


Well today’s definitely not been as lovely as yesterday! Cold, rainy, miserable 😦

I went to ride Dave early, luckily as it rained most of the day afterwards, and he was SO irritating! At least he behaved, which is an improvement on last Saturday but he is, without doubt, the most annoying horse ever, although you wouldn’t think it to look at this innocent, butter-wouldn’t-melt face!


 I love him really of course 🙂

After my ride, I went to see one of my best friends. We don’t get to meet up as much as we’d like because she’s a single mum and with her son and my horse and job, there’s not a lot of time! That was lovely and I swam drove home – to this… anyone got any idea what it is?!


Well obviously, it’s a squash but it’s one of those from my dad’s garden and I haven’t got a clue what sort! I’d already used it to make Heather’s baked squash custard, possibly the best pudding ever, the other night.

And it was… nice. It gave, of course, a slightly different flavour but the the texture was also very different; much more solid and cakelike… Butternut’s definitely the winner as far as that recipe goes!

Then, the colour and the fact I really fancied fish for dinner gave me the idea to use it for “fish and chips”. I cut wedges, sprinkled them with garlic and sprayed on some cooking spray. Then, I smeared a piece of smoked haddock with some wholegrain mustard, wrapped it in foil and baked them at 180C for about 20 minutes… very nice.



Of course, to recreate old-school fish ‘n’ chips, I should have served it with mushy peas but as I would rather eat my own arms didn’t have any, I cooked my current favourite vegetable mix, broccoli, leeks, red cabbage, carrots and green and runner beans. Mmmm…

For the squash’s final trick, I remembered a recipe I’d been developing a while ago, for apple and squash cake, so I used it for that…


Last time I tried it, it really didn’t work so I made a few tweaks and tried again and it was better. Close, as they say, but no cigar! I thought it tasted great but I need to sort out the texture, hence no recipe yet but hopefully, it won’t be long!

Have a great week…

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2 Responses to Squash up!

  1. Loving the sound of that apple and squash cake – that would be a great dessert to serve over the next few months. Hope you perfect the recipe soon!

    I’ve never seen a squash like that. Hehe, I thought it was a bell pepper at first. Bet it was good as chips, and yes, as far as the custard goes, I would stick with orange winter squash.

    Tell Dave to shape up or no more apples or carrots for him! Do you feed him apples and carrots? I seem to remember seeing horses fed both. 🙂

    • That might be the way forward actually; serving it with custard as a pudding, rather than a cake, then it wouldn’t matter if it was a bit too solid. Maybe even coconut milk custard… thank you for the idea!
      I should have thought about putting something next to the squash in that picture for scale because it looks exactly like a pepper! 🙂 And your recipe is brilliant with butternut; I just haven’t found a kabocha yet to try it with…
      I have told Dave just that! He does like both but hasn’t had many of either this week – he’ll have to earn them!

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