New home!

They say moving is one of the three most stressful things you can ever do.

But I’d had enough of Blogger – it won’t even let you do proper smileys 🙂 so I gathered up my courage and, bravely, took the plunge…

Seriously though, I never got notified when people commented and when they did, I couldn’t reply to each one individually. Then, when I did reply, even when I was signed in, the blog didn’t automatically post the replies from me – WordPress sites remember your details even if you’ve only commented once before! Plus, they seem to have a lot more benefits generally… so here I am!

Apart from the highly stressful move 😉 (warning; gratuitous use of smileys to come!) it’s been a lovely day. I woke up to bright sunshine, dressed accordingly, went outside, turned round quickly to put on a few more layers, and cycled up to the yard.

It was beautiful. Cold, but lovely. I rode and then went to my dad’s to walk Dougal (the border collie) for him. It was no hardship on such a nice day…

Although autumn is definitely here!


More mmmm…


Will you STOP taking pictures and throw the ball? Please? 🙂

All in all, a lovely day. But then, it had started so well.

Faithful to last week’s chocolatey-breakfast theme, I made a chocolate breakfast cookie by chucking in 1tsp cocoa powder.

Definitely chocolatey! But then, I mashed a banana to go on top and added some coconut butter to it before I melted it in the microwave….

It was amazing! How have I never mixed banana and coconut butter before?! The chocolate paled into insignificance beside the banana-y/coconutty deliciousness!  More of this to come…

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